Premium Power Bee 250 x 450mg Capsules

Royal Jelly, Propolis & Bee Pollen
  • immune & energy support
  • supports connective tissue
  • supports hormonal balance

Premium POWER BEE is a total solution to natural health from the hive! 

Each capsule contains Royal Jelly, Propolis and Bee Pollen to support the immune system and promote energy production.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a nutrient rich food packed full of amino acids, antioxidants and B-vitamins as well as trace amounts of minerals.  Uniquely, it also boasts the amino acid 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) - a naturally occurring fatty acid that is known for supporting skin renewal and collagen production which can only be found in Royal Jelly.  

This highly nutritious substance is produced by worker bees to feed the queen bee and young bees.  In fact queen bees live exclusively on Royal Jelly throughout their life time, which partly accounts for their size and longevity (she lives about 15 times longer than her worker bees!). 


Propolis is naturally produced by bees to help protect against any threats to their hives. Propolis is a powerful natural substance made by bees from plant resins to sterilise and protect the hive against infection. Rich in bioflavanoids, propolis is extremely effective in supporting the immune system.  

Bee Pollen 

The human body is made up of 22 essential elements and pollen is the only food that contains each and every one of them.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino-acids, bee pollen acts as a natural energizer for the body and boosts the immune system. This perfectly balanced ‘super food’ has many other reported health benefits ranging from slowing the effects of aging on skin, to improving memory, and re-activating sluggish metabolisms.


Bee Pollen                             230 mg

Royal Jelly (freeze dried)       55 mg

 - equivalent to 165 mg fresh Royal Jelly and 3 mg 10+HDA 

Propolis extract (dry)            120 mg

- equivalent to 600 mg fresh Propolis and 12 mg total flavonoids

made with imported ingredients

Take two capsules daily.  Store below 25 degrees celcius out of direct sunlight.

This product contains Royal Jelly, Propolis and Bee Pollen with can cause severe allergic reactions.  Not recommended for asthma or allergy sufferers.  Not to be given to children under two. 

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