Manuka Honey Industry & Production

Here at Manuka Honey of NZ we’ve partnered with many genuine and passionate New Zealand producers of all things Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey is loved all around the world, but genuine Manuka Honey is only produced here in clean, green New Zealand. But what does the Manuka Honey Industry look like and how is Manuka Honey produced? Here is our guide to the New Zealand Manuka Honey industry.


Why do people all around the world love New Zealand Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey has many unique wellness properties that sets it apart from other honeys. Not only is Manuka Honey enjoyed as a natural sweetener but it’s also used in many immune, wellness, skin, beauty and first aid products and supplements. And not just for people, but for pets and animals too.


Exporting authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey is controlled by strict regulations protecting both producers and consumers.

New Zealand Manuka Honey regulations – ensuring you get the best products

The NZ Government has strict regulations around the production and labelling of New Zealand Manuka Honey.

  • All ManukaHoney for export must be tested to make sure it really is Manuka Honey.
  • Only laboratories certified by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) are allowed to test Manuka Honey.
  • Beekeeping sites must be listed with MPI.

MPI have also created an official definition for both mono floral and multifloral Manuka Honey to make quality expectation transparent for both industry and consumers.

These standards apply for exported Manuka Honey. If you’re enjoying Manuka Honey in New Zealand make sure your chosen Manuka Honey states that it’s genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey.


Manuka Honey. From New Zealand to the world

  • Although Manuka trees are native to New Zealand, they are still quite a rare tree
  • The Manuka flowers that the bees collect nectar from are only open for 12 days a year
  • The amount and quality of Manuka Honey produced varies each season because of the weather
  • To ensure great quality and organic produce, bee hives are often kept in very remote areas of New Zealand
  • Genuine Manuka Honey is sought after for supplements and skin care products

Enjoy a scarce and unique slice of New Zealand sweetness

COVID-19 in 2020 has seen global exports of Manuka Honey boom, with people wanting to make the most of natural ways to improve their health and wellness. Manuka Honey has some unique health properties that that made it desirable for people all around the globe as well as being a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Protecting authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey

Many of the brands we partner with on Manuka Honey of NZ have taken extensive measures to make sure you’re getting the very best, original, pure Manuka Honey. Unfortunately, due to a lack in international Manuka Honey standards, loop holes created opportunities to counterfeit Manuka Honey. This is why you can trust Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Here are some measures taken by the government and brands to counterfeit proof honey produced in NZ.

  • Independent testing and certification
  • Visible certifications and ratings
  • Tamper-proof seals
  • Ability to trace each batch
  • Some brands even sell their honey in a temper proof security case

 The NZ Government has strict regulations to ensure it is clear and transparent for the consumer to see where their Manuka Honey was made. It even goes as far as stipulating what words can and cannot be used on the honey labels. Words such as Antibacterial, Antibiotic, Activity, Healthy, Medicinal, Medical or Active cannot be used to describe the product.

The brands we sell

We are passionate about Manuka Honey and have done the hard yards researching and sourcing these great Manuka Honey products so you don't have to.  We only partner with brands we trust and brands that 100% stand behind their products.  There is no middleman.  We support the little brands as much as the big brands, because we know that when it comes to premium Manuka Honey it’s the love for bees that matters. 

At Manuka Honey of NZ we’re uniquely placed to send our Manuka Honey products overseas and you can trust it is genuine, 100 percent bee-made Manuka Honey.