Pure Manuka Oil

Manuka Oil is an extract from the native Manuka tree.

Manuka Oil is more potent than tea tree oil and is known to assist the body's natural healing ability. It’s sensitive on the skin and can be used in room diffusers to protect against germs.  Used topically the antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka Oil may combat skin irritation and infections, including acne-causing bacteria.

Manuka Oil has been shown to

  • Suppress UV-B skin inflammation, wrinkle development and skin thickness. Helping prevent sun-damage to the skin.
  • Reduce the growth of Herpes Simplex Viruses (HSV) such as cold sores
  • Delay the onset of radiation-induces mucositis (inflammation of the mouth caused by some cancer treatments), reduced pain and delayed other symptoms. In research this led to less weight loss in the treatment group
  • Reduce fungal growth
  • Alongside other natural ingredients that reduce inflammation, Manuka Oil may help to reduce acne and other inflammatory skin conditions

You can use Manuka Oil as an essential oil (use it undiluted or add it to your favourite shampoo or skincare products), or find it as an ingredient in balms, lotions, beard oils, deodorants and facial cleansers.