Watson & Son

This company was founded by the Watson family in Wairarapa and is now owned by Ngai Tahu who are the main Maori iwi of New Zealand’s South Island.  Watson & Son is now a well-recognised and coveted global brand, known for the purity and high quality of its Manuka Honey.

Respect is fostered throughout all aspects of Watson & Son’s business, from their relationships with the land and environment through to the people involved.  Their beehive sites are hand chosen from the some of the most remote and untouched areas in New Zealand where the indigenous Manuka trees are abundant.  Respectful and ethical harvesting practices along with minimal processing and intervention ensures their Manuka Honey is authentic and a premium quality.

Manuka Honey is graded and certified through independent laboratory testing to ensure it meets the stringent standards required for New Zealand honey.  Watson & Son use the MGO (Methylgloxal) and their own MGS (Molan Gold Standard) measurement standards in their Manuka Honey grading - both recognise the unique levels of MGO in each jar of their product, so you can buy with confidence knowing that the readings are accurate.