The True Honey Co

The True Honey Co. founder Jim McMillan had an idea while exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking, remote back country– to harvest, bottle and sell Manuka Honey that’s deliciously good while at the same time looking after everybody (and every bee) at every step along the way.

The True Honey Co. believes in equally looking after their bees, the land and the people who are part of their business, from staff to partners to customers.

Jim and his team searched for the best areas of Manuka bush, building solid partnerships with the people who own the land. This took lots of time spent working together, before a drop of honey could be made. But this process meant that nowadays, wherever they place their hives, you can be sure that landowners are getting a fair deal too.

Just as important was looking after the honeybees. So their hive of industry grew to include clever beekeepers and artisan honey makers to make sure every pot is delicious with the quality you'd expect from high MGO rated Manuka Honey.

The True Honey Co. is all about quality and it stands by every drop produced.  

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