New Zealand's rarest, award winning Manuka Honey by the True Honey Co.

by Manuka Honey Team May 28, 2020 2 min read

Gold and Silver Awards for Rare Manuka Honey

Update July 2023: The True Honey Co. has just released a MGO 2050+ (34+ UMF). The world's highest grade Manuka Honey ever recorded!

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In 2019 The True Honey Co. released its extremely limited edition Rare Harvest Manuka Honey to an award winning reception. Rare Harvest claimed Gold for the Product Packaging Open Category and Silver Award for the Monofloral Manuka Honey categories at the National Honey Competition at the 2019 Apiculture Conference held in Rotorua.  

All honeys are most definitely not created equal. But there’s only one that can claim its spot as the highest Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) ever tested. This authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey, harvested from a single highly secret block is independently certified at an unprecedented 1,700+ MGO, 31+ UMF.

This precious, highly collectible 2017 Rare Harvest is strictly limited to 1000, hand numbered, signed jars – luxuriously topped with hand-turned NZ native timber lids, the wood also incorporated into a bespoke, brass handled honey drizzler. Its white magnetically closed outer box opens out into five segments, reflecting the petals of the Manuka blossom.

But as true luxury Manuka Honey aficionados know, it’s what on the inside that counts. “The UMFHA can confirm that the Manuka Honey sample submitted by its member The True Honey Co. – has generated the highest ever recorded UMF test result since our accredited laboratories first began testing samples,” remarked UMF Honey Association spokesperson John Rawcliffe.

“The UMFHA testing process tests for three key signature markers that, in combination, confirm whether a product is genuine Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Those three key markers are Leptosperin, MGO and DHA. The levels of signature markers found in the True Honey Co. product is exceptional and underscores the quality and intensity of Manuka Honey from New Zealand.”

Just as a grapevine under stress creates a better vintage, challenging conditions in 2017 drove one single windswept, remote Manuka block to produce a particularly potent nectar, resulting in an extraordinary, singular harvest.

This kind of result may be due to an extraordinary set of natural circumstances, but as The True Honey Co. founder Jim McMillan says, it’s not something to leave simply to chance. “We stand behind every drop of our honey and this can only be achieved by having full ownership and control from hive to jar. The genuine care of our honeybees is paramount to us, because healthy bees make exceptional honey.”

About The True Honey Co.

New Zealand owned, harvested and operated ‘from bee to you’, The True Honey Co. was launched in 2016 to sell only authentic, premium New Zealand Manuka Honey with a Methylglyoxal rating of 300+ (UMF rating of 11+) and above. Built on a high beekeeper to hive ratio and transparent relationships with landowners, the company only places hives in dense stands of Manuka bush deep within New Zealand’s remote back country – making exceptional products, prized by honey lovers worldwide.