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Manuka Honey and Pregnancy

Manuka Honey and Pregnancy
All your questions answered!

Pregnancy is a time when we need to pay more attention to our health and wellbeing. Can Manuka Honey help support and pamper us during these special nine months (and beyond)? We look at the facts behind some of the reported benefits of Manuka Honey during pregnancy.

Is Manuka Honey safe to eat during pregnancy?

 Yes, Manuka Honey is safe to eat when you’re pregnant. There are no recommendations to avoid honey if you are pregnant, unless you have type I, type 2 or gestational diabetes.

Can Manuka Honey help me get pregnant?

Honey mixed with cinnamon is an age-old remedy reported to help women fall pregnant. Although it sounds delicious, unfortunately we found no direct research to support this. However, looking at the effects that both Manuka Honey and cinnamon have, it might not be too far from the truth.

Both Manuka Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon (the ‘true’ cinnamon) contain powerful flavonoids and polyphenols. These can help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, supporting the reproductive organs. Studies on animals (although not reproduced in humans) indicate that honey may improve hormone imbalances caused by environmental stress that can affect fertility rates. In cases of male infertility, it has been found in small studies that honey may improve sperm motility and semen quality.


Using Manuka Honey during your pregnancy

During pregnancy your immune system changes to protect both you and your baby. Your immune system has to work harder and you may be at risk of developing more infections.


Manuka Honey and sore throats during pregnancy

Whatever the time of year, coughs and sore throats can hit us. Before pregnancy, you might have reached for a medicated cough syrup or throat pastille. But during pregnancy you think twice. Try Manuka Honey for its natural benefits.

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Manuka Honey can help keep stretch marks away

Manuka Honey is a great way to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. Manuka Honey can help reduce inflammation and keep your skin hydrated. All reducing the likelihood of developing stretch marks.

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Honey and yoghurt remedy for candidiasis (thrush) during pregnancy

Candidiasis (thrush) is common during pregnancy. The use of yoghurt and a multifloral honey instead of an antifungal cream could be beneficial naturally.

How to choose the best Manuka Honey during pregnancy

Manuka Honey with 10+ UMF or MGO 250+ ratings indicate that the Manuka Honey is medicinal grade.

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When to avoid Manuka Honey

All honey is a natural sweetener. As it contains glucose and fructose, all forms of honey should be treated as sugar if you have type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. Speak to your health professional about using honey during your pregnancy.

Any form of honey should not be given to infants under the age of one year. Natural honey may contain a bacterial toxin that can cause infants to become severely unwell (while being completely safe for adults).

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We don’t just pull our information out of thin air. We make sure that all the information we share with you about Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey products has been carefully fact-checked. If you want to read more about the topics we covered in this blog, here are our sources.

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