MGO 2050+ Manuka Honey Rare Harvest 230g

The highest grade Manuka Honey ever sold!
  • Just launched!  Be one of the first to experience this record breaking precious honey
  • Certified MGO 2050+ / 34+ UMF - The highest MGO/UMF graded Manuka Honey ever sold
  • Join a prestigious and exclusive group of lucky individuals to own such an impressive honey
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Rare Harvest is independently certified at an unprecedented 2050+ MGO / 34+ UMF.

This is the highest grade Manuka Honey available in the world today and the highest ever sold!

The True Honey Co. 2050+ MGO / 34 UMF™, limited-release Rare Harvest is the crown jewel of their collection. It sets the bar even higher than before as the new highest MGO Manuka Honey ever recorded in the world – strictly limited to 1000 collectible jars.

Featuring two-year-old barrel matured Manuka Honey, decanted in amber glass with luxurious hand-turned New Zealand native timber lid and drizzler nestled in a hand-crafted Manuka blossom box.

This unparalleled Manuka Honey has a subtle sweetness that harmoniously intertwines with a characteristic tingle. With its captivating golden hue and medium transparency, this is a must-have for the discerning honey connoisseur.

Each prized jar is a symbol of exclusivity and craftmanship, promising:

  • The highest potency available for maximum wellness benefits
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Manuka forests so remote, the only way in is via helicopter
  • Deliciously sweet taste
  • No added sugar
  • Independently tested

What’s included:

  • 230g jar of 2050+ MGO Manuka Honey
  • Each jar is topped with a hand-turned New Zealand native timber lid
  • A wooden brass-handled honey drizzler
  • Handcrafted Manuka blossom box, sealed and individually numbered
  • A certificate personally signed by The True Honey Co. Founder, Jim McMillan
  • A bespoke bag.

Please note: Due to restrictions we are unable to ship The True Honey Co products to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Pure New Zealand MGO 2050+ (34+ UMF) Manuka Honey

Indulge in the extraordinary and experience the pinnacle of Manuka Honey perfection. A teaspoon as you rise in the morning, offers powerful benefits. Store upright. 

For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months

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The True Honey Co. founder, Jim McMillan and his team have a philosophy to care – for the bees, the land and the people involved in their Manuka Honey business. 

They ensure their beehives are placed in areas of New Zealand’s backcountry where the environment is pure and pristine and dense with Manuka trees.  Manuka trees not only produce flowers with wonderful health benefitting compounds, but they are also an important plant for regenerating eroded land.  The True Honey Co. believe strongly in protecting the ecosystems and land for future generations to benefit from.  

They have built up-to-date processing facilities to keep up with global demand for their pure Manuka Honey.  Managing every step of the Manuka Honey extraction and production helps ensure a top-quality product.  

Watch a recent news clip about The True Honey Co.:

Please note: Due to restrictions we are unable to unable to ship The True Honey Co products to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia


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UMF and MGO Ratings

All pure monofloral Manuka Honeys come in varying degrees of strength. Different brands use different grading systems to highlight the strength or bioactivity. UMF and MGO are the most commonly used grading systems and the most trusted.

UMF & MGO comparison table of Manuka honey grading

MGO (Methylgloxal) is one of the chemical markers found in Manuka HoneyAs part of the quality process, independent testing measures four key signature markers - MGO, Leptosperin, HMF and DHA
MGO 80UMF 5+
MGO 260UMF 10+
MGO 510UMF 15+
MGO 690UMF 18+
MGO 830UMF 20+
MGO 1200UMF 25+
MGO 1620UMF 30+
Source: UMFHA Official UMF™ MGO Comparison Table

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