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MGO 1288+ Manuka Honey Pinnacle Harvest 250g

Manuka Health’s Highest Graded Manuka Honey Ever Produced
  • Exclusive to Manuka Honey of NZ
  • Limited edition & single vintage MGO 1288+ (26+ UMF)
  • Sealed with an individually numbered seal of quality & certificate of authenticity included
  • Exceptionally Rare. Pure Single Origin.
  • Complimentary Express Delivery Worldwide

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team to find out more about this very special honey. 

Exceptionally rare, exquisitely pure & exclusive craftsmanship - a precious gift of nature. 

Manuka Honey of New Zealand is proud to introduce Manuka Health Pinnacle Harvest, an exclusive single origin Manuka Honey of the utmost purity and quality.  This MGO 1288+ Manuka Honey presents Manuka Health's highest grade ever produced with a total of only 1288 jars having been released into the market.

Pinnacle Harvest MGO 1288+ commemorates the rarest, most pure and exquisite Manuka Honey harvested. The outcome is a rare and delicious liquid gold. 

The precious honey was harvested in November 2019 from a single apiary site on a remote peninsula of the Far North of New Zealand.  The isolation, clean air and brilliant sunshine this region receives stimulates the Manuka trees to produce extraordinarily potent nectar. Pinnacle Harvest is so rare, it celebrates the highest 0.001% of the Manuka Honey harvest.

To protect the authenticity of this precious honey Manuka Health have gone the extra step and partnered with scientific traceability company Oritain and Trust CodesThis allows Manuka Health to scientifically prove the origin of each jar of Manuka Honey sold to authenticate that it is a genuine product and not counterfeit. 

Nature takes time to reveal its rarest treasures. This exceptional Manuka Honey has been carefully nurtured and matured for 18 months in a temperature controlled honey cellar before decanting into a beautiful diamond jar which is sealed with an individually numbered seal of quality.

The diamond jar is presented in a bespoke handcrafted gift box which unfolds to reveal this liquid gold.  This is the most wonderful and well crafted gift you could ever give.  Opening and enjoying this magnificent honey will be an unparalleled experience. 

It is a privilege to offer you this exclusive, limited release & vintage Manuka Honey. 

Each box contains:

  • Beautiful gift card
  • Mini coffee table book about the "Manuka Health" brand story
  • Rose gold plated spoon
  • Certificate of authenticity 
  • 250g pot of the rarest 2019 Manuka Honey

Halal Certified Manuka Honey

100% New Zealand MGO 1288+ Manuka Honey

Halal Certified    

Enjoy as a spread or straight off the spoon. Store upright at room temperature (below 25 degrees) and out of direct sunlight. 

For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Manuka Health was founded in 2006 and has grown to become a leading New Zealand company specialising in Manuka and Gourmet Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis.

Manuka Health own the entire process of their honey production.  Their 20,000 beehives are placed in remote pristine areas of New Zealand and sustainable practices are used in the harvesting processes.  Their extraction and processing facilities plus the rigorous testing facilities are custom designed.  Having complete ownership of all procedures from honey to jar ensures optimum quality control and traceability of all their products. 

A further guarantee of authenticity is the use of the unique QR codes with Oritain certification on the lids of the Manuka Honey jars.  Every batch of their Manuka Honey carries its own origin fingerprint to prove it is a pure and safe natural product.

Testing is taken very seriously at Manuka Health.  Every jar of Manuka Honey is tested three times throughout all aspects of the production process to guarantee its authenticity and purity.  Manuka Health is a member of the UMF Association, and every jar of Manuka Honey proudly bears the fully tested UMF and MGO ratings as your proof of a quality product.


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UMF and MGO Ratings

All pure monofloral Manuka Honeys come in varying degrees of strength. Different brands use different grading systems to highlight the strength or bioactivity. UMF and MGO are the most commonly used grading systems and the most trusted.

UMF & MGO comparison table of Manuka honey grading

MGO (Methylgloxal) is one of the chemical markers found in Manuka HoneyAs part of the quality process, independent testing measures four key signature markers - MGO, Leptosperin, HMF and DHA
MGO 80UMF 5+
MGO 260UMF 10+
MGO 510UMF 15+
MGO 690UMF 18+
MGO 830UMF 20+
MGO 1200UMF 25+
MGO 1620UMF 30+
Source: UMFHA Official UMF™ MGO Comparison Table

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Blanca G. (United States)
Really unique

It tastes sandy and kind of melts in your mouth. Really nice and unique taste.