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Three Peaks beginnings go back to the original founders at Dean Apiaries and then in 2009, Ross Apiaries.  In 2015, Three Peaks Manuka Honey was formed and has grown from strength to strength with over 8,500 hives throughout the North Island of New Zealand.  Partnerships with the East Taupo Land Trust and other North Island family trusts has enabled Three Peaks to access remote and pristine lands in the Bay of Plenty and Taupo areas where the Manuka trees are plentiful.

This company takes their responsibility very seriously to care for all aspects of their production processes.  Their careful management of the land, beekeeping, extracting, processing, testing, and packaging procedures ensures that their honey retains all the wonderful unique health benefitting properties that Manuka Honey is known for.  Three Peaks realise the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem in New Zealand and has been involved in sustainable land projects including replanting Manuka forests, restoring wetland areas and reducing introduced predators.

Three Peaks are members of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association which guarantees that every batch of their honey is thoroughly tested, graded and certified as pure Manuka Honey. The batch code on each jar of Three Peaks Manuka Honey is a further guarantee of a pure and fully traceable product.