Award Winning Limited Reserve UMF 28+ Manuka Honey

by Manuka Honey Team September 12, 2022 2 min read

Award Winning Limited Reserve UMF 28+ Manuka Honey

Manuka South  are second-time winners of the best luxury honey in the world as selected by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award recognising excellence in luxury goods and services all over the world. They evaluated more than 5,000 luxury goods and services in 400 categories from 120 regions across the world to select their winners.

Manuka South is a 100% New Zealand family-owned business, renowned for its ability to produce the most luxurious and rarest Manuka honey in the world. One of which is its certified Limited Reserve UMF 28+  which is sourced from top secret and remote New Zealand locations, making it one of the rarest honeys in the world. It’s known as a superfood with elegant maturity, which gives the palate a welcoming silky consistency with a rich Manuka flavour. This honey truly is the perfect luxury gift for someone special.

Special cellaring of the honey enables the UMF properties to thoroughly develop and mature and this ensures that the natural enzymes found in raw honey are perfectly preserved. The intricacy of flavor and texture is achieved by master honey craftsmen who use traditional New Zealand methods of creaming and caring for our honey.

The honey is blended in small batches to allow for extensive quality control. The consistently low processing temperatures guarantees that their honey keeps its natural health properties.

Each Manuka South Limited Reserve UMF 28+  box has been carefully hand-crafted in New Zealand, from sustainably sourced Roasted Oak, and finished in a natural stain to enhance the texture of the wood grain. Then it's hand polished with a special Manuka beeswax-based polish.

A discerning eye will notice the perfectly matched dovetail finger joints at each corner, and both sides of each box have the Manuka South logo laser engraved. Each logo is accompanied by a rose gold plaque; one side showing ‘Since 1988’ – a nod to the company’s long history – and the other showing the production serial number, further ensuring authenticity.

Manuka South is a premium brand focusing on quality and detail. The idea for the brand was developed by the founder's son Sam, who joined the business in 2013 after living abroad for many years. The brand’s vision grew out of Sam's love of high-end luxury products with sophisticated branding, handcrafted style, and bespoke packaging.

The Limited Reserve UMF 28+  is currently on special at Manuka Honey of NZ if you use coupon code VIP28 for $200 off.  Delivery is free within New Zealand.