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runny Manuka Honey dripping from a wooden spoon for blog: Can Manuka Honey stop me getting a virus?

by Manuka Honey Team July 29, 2022 3 min read

Can Manuka Honey Stop Me Getting A Virus?

In January 2020 we wrote this blog on the power of Manuka Honey. It has been picked up by various sources throughout the world and referenced in many tweets and posts. Given the spread of COVID-19 (a new coronavirus) throughout the world since then we have now updated this blog.

Viruses don’t just cause illness in winter. All through the year viruses can cause us to miss out on our favourite activities, meeting with friends and missing school.

As we write this in the heat of the beautiful summer here in New Zealand, getting common viruses like a winter cold or flu should be far from our minds. However, we see the increasingly fast spread of COVID-19 throughout the World. Few countries remain untouched, New Zealand included. We see the World Health Organisation and various governments take drastic steps to protect people. 

We believe protection starts at home, with a strict hygiene regime, but we can also help each other by having healthy immune systems. 

We love Manuka Honey in any case, but knowing Manuka Honey has nutrients to support a healthy immune system, it makes sense to give your body as much support as you can over the next few weeks and months.

The Manuka Honey of NZ Specialty Shop features many Manuka Honey products, from businesses throughout New Zealand, that provide immune support via medicinal grade Manuka Honey.

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So, can Manuka Honey stop me getting a virus?  

It’s been trusted for centuries by healers all over the world. At a time when we receive a lot of mixed messaging, perhaps now is the time to trust in natural ingredients that have stood the test of time. 

Manuka Honey of NZ has a great range of products to support you naturally.

How to choose the best Manuka Honey product for your health and to support your immune system. 

At Manuka Honey of NZ we’ve selected a range of the best Manuka Honey products to help you with nutrients and immune support. Research suggests that even eating medicinal grade Manuka Honey may offer benefits, or you can select from our specialist immune support products.

 Savvy Rocket Fuel Respiratory Support


Good Health Viralex® Breathe EpiCor® Chest Syrup


Onuku 10+ UMF Manuka Honey Lozenges


Egmont 10+ UMF Manuka Honey & Propolis Drops


Taylor Pass 10+ UMF Manuka Honey 

Naki 12+ UMF Manuka Honey 


Here are three things to remember when choosing your Manuka Honey immune support product: 

  • Check for MG/MGO rating. Medicinal grade Manuka Honey is MG 250+ or UMF 10+
  • Choose products that are suitable for kids or adults
  • Remember not to give any honey to infants (aged under one year old) unless the product specifically states that it is safe

View our large range of Manuka Honey products 

What other ingredients should I look for?

Many of the nutrient and immune support products we stock at Manuka Honey of NZ contain not only Manuka Honey but other natural products to help support a healthy immune system.

Here are three to look out for:

  • Propolis.
    Produced by bees to repair their nests, propolis contains many bioactive compounds that support your immune response and support your body to recover from illness. 
  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is another component of immune support to help your body defend itself and respond to challenges. Adding vitamin C to Manuka Honey products can be a great way to provide additional support for your immune system, but is best used as part of your regular daily wellness routine.

  • Echinacea
    Studies have shown how active compounds in the purple echinacea flower play a role in supporting the body to respond to challenges and for a healthy immune response. Mixed in with Manuka Honey, Echinacea is a great way to add support for a strong immune system and to help the body from challenges. 


What else can I do to protect against catching a virus?

There are simple things you can do to help reduce the risk of catching a virus and getting sick. This is especially important in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Use an alcohol-based hand gel if you can’t wash your hands
  • Use paper hand towels not dryers to dry your hands
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow (not hand) when you cough or sneeze
  • Thoroughly cook meat and eggs
  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell
  • Don’t have contact with people who are coughing and sneezing


Manuka Honey is great all year round

You want to be out there living life to the fullest, not stuck inside feeling unwell. Use Manuka Honey products all year round to support your immune system and be in the best health to respond to challenges. 

Select your immune support Manuka Honey products here: 

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