MGO 100+ Manuka Honey enriched with Bee Pollen 250g

Nature's Superfood for Everyday Wellness


MGO100+ Manuka Honey, enriched with the goodness of New Zealand Bee Pollen not only tastes delightful but also offers numerous health benefits. 

Combining two of nature's most potent ingredients, Manuka Honey and Bee Pollen, this honey offers a range of health benefits in every spoonful.

Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants, making it an effective treatment for a range of ailments. Bee pollen extract, on the other hand, is a nutrient-rich substance that can boost energy levels and improve immunity. 

Manuka honey is also prized for its therapeutic properties for centuries. It is derived from the nectar of the Manuka tree, which is indigenous to New Zealand.  A recent study by Oxford University found that honey is more effective than conventional medicines, including antibiotics, in treating sore throats, blocked noses, coughs, and congestion.

Bee Pollen is also known to improve digestion and total body wellness.  It is collected by bees from a variety of flowers making it a diverse and nutrient-rich substance.

Our Manuka Honey and Bee Pollen extract blend is sourced exclusively from New Zealand, where the bees collect nectar from pristine forests and fields. This ensures that our product is of the highest quality, free from additives, and contains all the natural goodness of these two superfoods.

Wondering how you might use our Manuka Honey enriched with New Zealand Bee Pollen?  Here are just a few ideas:

  • As a natural sweetener for tea, coffee, or smoothies
  • As a topping for oatmeal, yogurt, or fruit, or as a spread on toast
  • As a pre-workout snack for a quick energy boost
  • As a post-workout recovery aid to help reduce inflammation
  • As a natural remedy for sore throats, coughs, and colds
  • As a digestive aid to help soothe an upset stomach
  • As a daily supplement to boost overall health and wellbeing.


Enjoy as a spread, stirred into a hot drink, blended in a smoothie, or straight off the spoon.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Do not use if seal is broken.



Bee Pollen may cause severe allergic reactions. If irritation or swelling of the
enhanced with mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use.


abeeco - natural health & skincare products 

It all started in 1996 with a single, revolutionary new product – Pure New Zealand Bee Pollen.  Still proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated abeeco has grown into a highly respected international natural skincare and supplements brand renowned for using the most pure ingredients from the hive that nature has to offer - with Manuka Honey being at the top of that list of course!


Exceptional results come from exceptional ingredients. Our largely untouched, unique environment with unpolluted air, clean water, plentiful sunshine and fertile soils produce an abundance of natural healing and nourishing ingredients for the body – both inside and out.


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UMF and MGO Ratings

All pure monofloral Manuka Honeys come in varying degrees of strength. Different brands use different grading systems to highlight the strength or bioactivity. UMF and MGO are the most commonly used grading systems and the most trusted.

UMF & MGO comparison table of Manuka honey grading

MGO (Methylgloxal) is one of the chemical markers found in Manuka HoneyAs part of the quality process, independent testing measures four key signature markers - MGO, Leptosperin, HMF and DHA
MGO 80UMF 5+
MGO 260UMF 10+
MGO 510UMF 15+
MGO 690UMF 18+
MGO 830UMF 20+
MGO 1200UMF 25+
MGO 1620UMF 30+
Source: UMFHA Official UMF™ MGO Comparison Table

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