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Stress & Sleep Support
june L. (New Zealand)

they really do help destress to sleep

Pamper Gift Basket
Jackie L. (New Zealand)
Value for money

I bought this pamper gift basket for my daughter who lives in a rural area of NZ. We were both absolutely delighted with the quality of the products and delivery was only a day and a half! I would definitely recommend Manuka Honey of NZ.

Pure Perfection Firming EYE CREAM
Glenda (New Zealand)
Eye Cream

Best Eye Cream and I've tried a few!

Stress & Sleep Support
Leeann W. (New Zealand)
Great product

Does what it says it does. My sleep is improving and doesn’t give you the ‘hung over’ feeling in the morning like other products do. Thank you Abeeco.

Make her Glow
Harold L. (New Zealand)
Great pack

The pack was great, only rated 4 stars because the chocolate inside was melted a little, otherwise great box and good service

Brain & Memory Performance
Shirley G. (New Zealand)
Brain and memory Performance

I have been taking these tablets for quite a few years now and I have found that they do to some extent help with my memories although my age does seem to get in the way. at times.

Ultra Collagen+ Powder
Mac (Australia)

I have been using collagen powder for years, have been very happy with it. I blend it in my almond milk for my museli.
I open my new container and noticed it tasted different so I compared the old container to the new one and noticed the ingredients were different, not sure about the new taste in my milk, yes it does mix better, as I don’t like the taste in my milk now I have decided to put it in my water bottle instead.

Royal Jelly Skin Repair Cream
Nev T. (New Zealand)
Royal jelly skin repair cream

I have been using this product for years and it is the only product that I use on my face
Im 77 years old and have spent most of my life outside in the elements.
No lines.

NZ Bee Pollen Capsules
Tere T. (New Zealand)
Bee Pollen capsules

I have always been very happy with the service from your company and the effect that I find the capsules have on my wellbeing. Have always been a satisfied customer.
Of course the time from when I place my order and receiving it most satisfactory.

Royal Jelly Skin Repair Cream
Shirley T. (New Zealand)
Love it

My husband has been using the Jelly Repair Skin Cream on some of his skin conditions where he has had skin cancers removed and the cream is reducing the redness and irritation of the scars.

Ultra Collagen+ Powder
L.B. (New Zealand)
Collagen powder for healing

Purchased this my first time of using Collagen powder. Very easy to add to my water bottle and nice flavour. I have recently had skin cancer surgery and although have not been using it very long , skin looks great and repairing well.

20+ UMF Manuka Honey
Modhe E. (Israel)

good service, fast delivery, excellent product

Prostate Care Formula
Mark W. (New Zealand)
Prostate care

Gr8 product that works when Including healthy Diet

It is Perfection!

I love this product. My skin feels refreshed and soft after using it and stays hydrated all day. It's definitely become part of my daily routine.

Premium BIO30™ NZ Propolis Capsules
Mary K. (United States)

Premium BIO30™ NZ Propolis Capsules

Gout Care Formula
Anne G. (New Zealand)
Gout Care Formula

So far, so good. Happy to give a report in 6-12 months.

Pamper Gift Basket
H C. (New Zealand)
Pamper Gift Basket

Beautiful packaging. Excellent products, but Travel mug is too wide to fit into car cup holder.

Unique taste

Super like 👍

Face and body cream

Really love this product and all other Abeeco skin care products. My skin feels and looks smoother since using it.

Ultra Collagen+ Powder
L.B. (New Zealand)
Collagen powder

65 year old trying this Collagen powder for the first time.
Love the flavour makes drinking water every easy . Early days but the ingredients make it a complete supplement.
Had recent surgery for skin cancer so wanted to find something to help with the repair .

Ultra Collagen+ Powder
Dean a.V.B. (New Zealand)
My perfect 3 in 1!

Have been using this for a few years now and loving the new and improved one as it finally dissolves! Also has the bonus addition of bee pollen. I chose this collagen as its the only one I could find on the market that is not only good for my skin, hair and nails but for my joints as well! The added joint health ingredients like glucosamine in it are the same strength/dosages as the separate joint formula Glucosamine capsulesI used to take and now with the bee pollen too I don’t need to take that separately so Im very, very happy with what I call my 3 in 1. Tho I think I’ll stop raving about it to all my clients so it t become sold out again!

Pear & Manuka Honey Chocolate Block
Madoka P. (United States)

Who would’ve thought about this combination? It is as delicious as it is unusual. Love it, and it was a great hit to those I gifted it to.

Supabee for Men - original

Make her Glow
Diego M.R.Z. (New Zealand)
Excellent product

Highly recommended!!!

Joint Care Formula