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Steens is a New Zealand raw Manuka Honey company founded by Paula and Sheryl Steens over 38 years ago.  They were one of the founding members of the Active Honey Association, now known as the UMF Association.  The UMF Association grade Manuka Honey according to the strength and purity of the natural compounds present in the honey. Today, Steens continues to play an important role in the Manuka Honey industry.

Paul and Sheryl started up their company wanting to share with the world their passion for bees and honey full of natural goodness.  This desire for a raw minimally processed honey resulted in their company developing a process known as Steens whole comb technology™ which ensures the fresh properties of the honeycomb are retained.  Steens believe in taking time and great care when separating the Manuka Honey from the honeycomb wax.   They do not use secondary processing methods that use high temperatures but maintain temperatures that naturally occur in the beehive. 

Minimal processing combined with low temperatures ensures that Steens honey has a high nutrient content, with natural enzymes, vitamins, proteins and amino acids present.  Their Manuka Honey has a thicker, slightly grainy texture which is due to the crystals being uneven in size – exactly as you would find in nature! 

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