Why Manuka Honey Lozenges Are So Good For You

by Manuka Honey Team February 19, 2020 3 min read

Manuka Honey Lozenges in a bowl - a natural support for sore throats and cough

Lozenges are one of the many ways you can take Manuka Honey and get the full health benefits of this delicious super-food to manage sore throats and cough.

Studies have found that Manuka Honey can reduce the growth of bacteria found in the throat. Added to the anti-inflammatory properties that Manuka Honey has, it makes it a great ingredient for boosting your immune system.

Lozenges are a great way to deliver natural Manuka Honey benefits when you have a sore throat or cough. In the UK Honey is recommended as a treatment for coughs, rather than antibiotics in children and adults aged over 5 years.


Here are some benefits of choosing Manuka Honey lozenges.

  1.  Manuka Honey goodness to where it’s needed the most.

When you’ve got a sore, dry throat or cough Manuka Honey lozenges will deliver the Manuka Honey goodness straight to where it’s needed the most: your sore and scratchy throat. Suck them slowly to release the Manuka Honey.

2. Medicinal grade Manuka Honey

Lozenges which contain UMF 10+ or MGO 250+ Manuka Honey are considered medicinal grade.  Choosing lozenges will give you all the benefits of Manuka Honey to help you feel better.

 3. A convenient pop of Manuka Honey

You don’t need to wait to get home and open a jar of Manuka Honey. Keep a bag of Manuka Honey lozenges in your handbag, desk drawer or pocket for when your throat is feeling dry and sore. Great to have after a long meeting or presentation!

 4. Don’t worry about the sweetness

You may think that sucking on a sweet lozenge may be harmful to your teeth. But even though Manuka Honey is sweet, it can also be useful for oral health. Manuka Honey has been found to reduce some of the bacteria that contribute to gingivitis and plaque formation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which may reduce gum inflammation.


How to choose the right Manuka Honey for you

  • Make sure you check the directions. Some lozenges are not suitable for young children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Choose Manuka Honey lozenges with added propolis, ginger or menthol for added winter wellness
  • Choose UMF 10+ or MGO 205+ Manuka Honey lozenges for all ealing purposes

You don’t need to wait for a sore throat to strike before enjoying Manuka Honey lozenges. The lozenges can be another way to enjoy the benefits of Manuka Honey for every day wellness.

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We don’t just pull our information out of thin air. We make sure that all the information we share with you about Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey products has been carefully fact-checked. If you want to read more about the topics we covered in this blog, here are our sources.

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