25+ UMF Manuka Honey 250g

An Exceptional Taste Experience with Each Jar In Its Own Elegant Briefcase

  • The ultimate Manuka Honey
  • Independently certified both UMF 25+ and MGO 1200+
  • Halal certified


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Puriti Manuka Honey is produced and tested to higher more stringent quality and purity standards.  This genuine Special Reserve Manuka Honey is mono floral and independently certified to both UMF 25+ and MGO 1200+.  These measurements exceed the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Manuka Honey Science definition.  Puriti certified UMF Manuka Honey is available in grades from 10+ UMF through to 31+ UMF.  The higher grades signify higher concentrations of the unique Manuka Honey compounds and potency.

New Zealand has a natural untouched agricultural environment and to further confirm this, testing ensures that all Puriti Manuka Honey is non-GMO and Glyphosate free.

This Manuka Honey offers an outstanding taste experience.  It has a medium sweetness along with a subtle bitter aftertaste.  You will enjoy the smooth, creamy texture and rich golden colour.

Puriti take special security measures so you can be assured their Manuka Honey is genuine – every jar is protected by at least 11 anti-counterfeit security features and can be traced back to the packing source.

To further enhance the unique overall experience of this special Manuka Honey, the jar comes nestled in its own briefcase, locked with its own code.  If you are gifting this exceptional honey, then this combination lock is added security for you.

An authentic 100% pure raw Manuka Honey that is guaranteed to be harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand.

Halal Certified Manuka Honey


Pure New Zealand 25+ UMF (MGO 1200+) Manuka Honey

Halal certified 


Enjoy as a spread or straight off the spoon. Store upright at room temperature (below 25 degrees) and out of direct sunlight. 

For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
amina r. (Australia)

Amazing honey and fast delivery

Jason R. (United States)
Wonderful taste

I’ve bought a lot of honey from Manuka Honey NZ and this one tastes smooth and a full flavour. Definitely will be buying more again.

Yahya M. (Saudi Arabia)

25+ UMF Manuka Honey

Ying Y.

This honey was given to me as a gift for my wedding day from a cherished friend. It's the best quality genuine manuka honey I have ever tasted.

Best Quality Manuka Honey

PURITI Manuka special reserve 25+ honey is superior in quality and taste when compared to all other Manuka honey brands I have tried. With 25+ you get all the great taste and a multitude of nutritional benefits.