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by Manuka Honey Team July 04, 2019 1 min read

Why is Manuka Honey So Expensive?

What is it about Manuka Honey that makes it so amazing and so much more expensive than other honey? Watch the video below for the inside story on what goes into each Manuka Honey product.


In this video, industry specialists talk about the Manuka tree, the difficulties that are often encountered when harvesting Manuka Honey and the laboratory processes when testing for purity and UMF / MGO ratings. There are many laws involved to ensure Manuka Honey that is being sold around the world is pure and genuine.

John Rawcliffe from the Manuka Factor Honey Association told Business Insider in this video that "The plant itself is very rare. It's difficult to harvest because the flower is only open for 12 days, and sometimes we have to use helicopters to collect this honey." Although Manuka bushes can also be found in Australia, New Zealand accounts for almost all the world's production, with exports worth 300 million NZ dollars ($204m) and expected to rise to 1.2 billion NZ ($800m) by 2028.