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UNICEF Ukraine Children Appeal

by Manuka Honey Team March 16, 2022 2 min read

UNICEF Ukraine Children Appeal

4th May 2022 Update:
Appeal Results
You’ve helped raise $1,348 NZD towards the UNICEF Ukraine Appeal generated from sales between 15th March - 1st May 2022.

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It's devasting for everyone watching from afar at what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. Providing relief to innocent children and families is crucial so we have decided, as a business, to support the UNICEF Ukraine Appeal.

You can help make a difference for children in dire need of essentials such as food, clean water, clothes and accommodation. Children in Ukraine are currently especially affected. Every purchase - no matter how small - will make a difference as we are going to donate $3 for every $100 spent (or any equivalent value for all orders) from now until 1st May 2022. 

Help children in Ukraine

7.5 million children in Ukraine are facing a deadly crisis.

Like many children, Daryna, 9, and Katia, 7 (pictured above), live in eastern Ukraine. Growing up there means they haven’t really had a chance to worry about the things that a lot of children their age would.

Now, children are more scared than ever.

Intensifying hostilities in Ukraine pose an immediate threat to the lives and wellbeing of the country’s 7.5 million children.

UNICEF is working across Ukraine to rapidly scale up life-saving programmes to ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need:  

  • Trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas where water systems are barely functioning.   

  • Pre-positioning health, nutrition, hygiene and emergency supplies as close as possible to communities in need.  

  • Providing protection from violence, exploitation and abuse.  

  • Mobile mental health and psychosocial support units. 

If you love our Manuka Honey products, then all you have to do is shop between now and 1st May. Together we can help provide some much-needed relief to children in need.

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