Rare & Highest UMF Manuka Honey - 32+ UMF Honey

by Manuka Honey Team March 18, 2021 2 min read

The Highest UMF Manuka Honey available in New Zealand

Presenting Manuka South® Limited Reserve UMF 32+

Manuka Honey of NZ is honoured and privileged to be able to exclusively present to you the highest UMF Manuka Honey available in New Zealand today:

Manuka South® Limited Reserve UMF 32+ (MGO 1835+) Manuka Honey.

Manuka South® has now pre-released a very limited amount of this highly prized Manuka Honey which can only be purchased through our online store. 
Manuka South 32+ UMF Manuka Honey

One of the rarest and most potent Manuka Honeys ever produced, this honey is truly unique. The chance to cultivate honey at this UMF/MGO level only comes once in a generation when the growing conditions are perfect. The pure and isolated areas of New Zealand where this honey is made is only accessible via helicopter. It is in this un-spoilt and rugged environment that the Manuka bush flourishes and the world's best honey is created.

The opulent presentation case further distinguishes this gift of nature and is hand-crafted right here in New Zealand. The future owners of this unique honey will enjoy the bespoke case with individually crafted Manuka honey dipper, signed certificate of authenticity, 18 karat gold plated details and Danish reconstituted leather interior.

Manuka South 32+ UMF Manuka Honey in bespoke box

Manuka South 32+ UMF Manuka Honey wooden dipper with wooden box

Not all Manuka Honey is created equally so what makes this 32+ UMF (MGO 1835+) Manuka Honey so unique?

  • Manuka South have sourced their honey from a secret unspoilt remote location in the rugged South Island which can only be accessed by helicopter.
  • The location’s perfect alignment of climate, pH and mineral levels in the soil, along with bee health have all contributed to this exceptional vintage.
  • Manuka South use specialised gradual cellaring techniques to ensure all the natural compounds of Manuka are preserved.
  • The higher the UMF grading, the more potent the bioactive properties of the honey.
  • This is one of the rarest and most potent Manuka Honeys available in the world today, and the highest UMF/MGO available in New Zealand.
  • Luxuriously presented in a beautiful wooden box hand-crafted in New Zealand with 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and detailed with 18 karat gold.
  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that this honey is of the highest quality.
  • Halal Certified by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.
  • Manuka South is a highly regarded premium family-owned brand that has been sharing the gift of good health with the world since 1988.

It is difficult to imagine a product that better combines excellent taste with boundless health benefits and impeccable presentation than the LimitedReserve UMF 32+ (MGO 1835+) Manuka Honey - and who knows when the perfect growing conditions for Manuka will present themselves again.

There is only a very limited amount of Manuka South’s premium-grade 32+ UMF Manuka Honey available and this may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit from its superior strength, luxury and quality or give the gift of a lifetime.