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Organic Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep 375ml

Helps reduce anxiety & increase sleep
  • Relieves anxiety, nervous tension muscle relaxation
  • Remedies insomnia and improves quality of restful sleep
  • Dietary Supplement

The Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep is a unique formulation by Dr Iryna Kirichuk which is composed in the best traditions of the European preventive medicine. The improvement/innovation part of the recipe is in the usage of the Natural Adaptogens acting as organic catalysts for maintaining the stable balance of the human body system.

Its mechanism acts through the promotion of balance and harmony of the central and peripheral nervous system, thus improving the quality of sleep and the overall well-being.

The Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep will help you to:

Relax by relieving anxiety, nervous tension and depression and by providing muscle relaxation

Fall Asleep by dissolving the accumulated stress and by overcoming insomnia without drugs

Sleep Better by improving the sleep structure and by improving the quality of restful sleep.

The formulation is 100% natural. Vegan friendly. Does not contain any added colours, artificial flavours or synthetic substances. Rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Valerian, Motherwort,  Hawthorn, Hop, Black Cumin, Linden, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass,  Angelica, Calendula, Coriander, Peony, Passionflower, Catnip, Scullcup, Oat,  Plantain, Aloe, Walnut, Saffron, Puhoi Artesian water, Puhoi Food grade ethanol, Organic raw cane sugar, Puhoi Manuka Honey.

Natural sediment may occur. Shake before use.

For adults only. Recommended daily dosage – one table spoon (15 ml) half an hour before sleep. Serving suggestion: pour the dose into a glass with a few cubes of ice, let the ice melt a little and stir well. Sip slowly.




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Puhoi Organic Distillery produces all it's products in Puhoi, New Zealand. It is anti-mainstream and revolutionary – true Spirit of the Future! This is achieved by using the inventions, original recipes, ground-breaking technologies and custom-made equipment belong to the Kirichuk family team and are valuable IP and Trade secrets.

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s artisan products are labour-intensive and time-consuming, preceded by 100% in-house Research & Development. This makes the Distillery a unique Research Laboratory and Working Distillery handcrafting products out of competition.


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Customer Reviews

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Jane S.
Recommending Puhoi distilleries products

I am a practitioner in the Health & Wellness industry, and have been using and recommending the Puhoi distilleries products for two years. When I started I used a tonic to boost general health. I was immediately struck by the fact that it tasted so good and almost immediately I was sleeping better than I had slept in years. I then recommended the sleep tonic to my mother as she had been having major sleep issues for 4 years. To her almost disbelief she started sleeping through the night on day 3 of taking the tonic..I now recommend these products to all of my clients who love them and say they work for a variety of challenges.