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Puhoi Organic Distillery

Organic Herbal Tonic

Dietary Supplement for General Health & Wellbeing
  • Boosting Immune System & helps clear toxins from the body
  • increases body resistance to environmental pollution
  • Supports digestion and circulation
  • Provides stress relief

The Herbal Tonic Bohemian Gold is a unique formulation by Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) using Natural Adaptogens which act as organic catalysts for maintaining the stable balance of the human body system. Its mechanism acts through triggering the increased digestive fire, clearing toxins from the body and improvement of circulation – three key factors for promoting general health.

  • Helps to restore, tone and invigorate body systems
  • Raises the metabolic efficiency level
  • Provides stress relief
  • Helps to relieve stress and indigestion related headaches
  • Acts as an Antioxidant and Anti-ageing agent
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Increases body resistance to environmental pollution
  • Promotes general health and well-being

The formulation is 100% natural. Vegan friendly. Does not contain any added colours, artificial flavours or synthetic substances. Rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Does not have side effects and does not lead to addiction.

Black cumin, Linden, Echinacea, Walnuts , Macadamia , Ginger, Fennel, Milk Thistle, Clove, Nettle, Sage, Cardamon, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Caraway seeds, Coriander, Citruses, Oregano, Wormwood, Tarragon, Vanilla, Saffron, Manuka flowers.
Other Ingredients: Puhoi Artesian water, Puhoi Food grade ethanol, Certified Organic Muscovado cane sugar, Puhoi Manuka honey

For adults only. Recommended daily dosage – one table spoon (15 ml) after the evening meal. Serving suggestion: pour the dose into a glass with a few cubes of ice, let the ice melt a little and stir well. Sip slowly.


Puhoi Organic Distillery

Puhoi Organic Distillery produces all it's products in Puhoi, New Zealand. It is anti-mainstream and revolutionary – true Spirit of the Future! This is achieved by using the inventions, original recipes, ground-breaking technologies and custom-made equipment belong to the Kirichuk family team and are valuable IP and Trade secrets.

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s artisan products are labour-intensive and time-consuming, preceded by 100% in-house Research & Development. This makes the Distillery a unique Research Laboratory and Working Distillery handcrafting products out of competition.


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