Animal Healing Balm


Watch those annoying itches and scratches disappear! 

To protect, soothe and heal surface wounds, cuts, hot spots, abrasions and minor tears while preventing infection. A blend of active manuka honey and other goodies that work a treat for your fluffy loved ones! PS Flies and insects hate the taste so they disappear too!

If you have noticed hot spots well they’re a type of eczema caused by a reaction to many triggers including plants, mites, fleas and salt water. The spot becomes wet and causes irritation to your pet or animal which they try and lick, scratch or bite. This can cause the area of skin to become severely  infected and can lead to vet intervention.

Using the balm immediately before the situation becomes serious saves your pet's skin. It’s an extremely valuable asset in put in your pet first aid box.

Rice bran, neem, coconut, calendula, kawakawa, tamanu & vitamin e oils. Organic beeswax, active manuka honey, aloe vera, comfrey extract, witch hazel, lavender water.  Coconut glycerine, allantoin, olive wax & cetyl alcohol. Essential oils of lemon tea tree, lemon, lavender and myrrh. Ecosert approved preservative benxyl alcohol & dehydroacetic acid.

Use the concentrate sparingly, twice daily (if you can try to keep it on for 30 minutes, before it’s licked off, it at least is absorbed and will be more effective) They tend NOT to like the taste!

* It may take a few days to start to see results ( irritated  skin may start to scab so that new skin grows underneath. It may need gentle moisturisation and protection  for a few days. )

* If there is no effect or problem seems to worsen, please seek advice from your animal specialist. 



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