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18+ UMF Manuka Honey


  • Raw & natural product
  • Paleo friendly
  • 100% pure NZ 18+ UMF Manuka Honey

A pure 18+ UMF Manuka Honey rigorously and independently tested to ensure it meets the high standards required for this unique product.

Happy Valley’s beehives are placed in the Manuka dense rainforests and fields of the New Zealand countryside.  This 18+ UMF Manuka Honey is rich in Methylglyoxal (MGO) which is an enzyme the bees source from the Manuka tree.  This along with other markers contributes to the delicious flavour and multi-purpose benefits of this honey.  Happy Valley's Manuka Honey collection ranges in strength from 5+ UMF through to their highest grade of 20+ UMF.  Higher grades of UMF mean a higher  concentration of MGO for greater nutritional and health benefits.

Gentle and minimal processing methods are used in the production of this Manuka Honey so you can be sure of a pure and natural product.  Happy Valley's 18+ UMF Manuka Honey has a thick, rich texture, a golden brown colour and has taste flavours of caramel and malt.

Enjoy this Paleo friendly raw honey as your all-round wellbeing superfood!

    Pure New Zealand 18+ UMF Manuka Honey

    Enjoy as a spread or straight off the spoon. Store upright at room temperature (below 25 degrees) and out of direct sunlight. 

    For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

    Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

    From the first few bees and hives sourced by Leon Janson in 1959, Happy Valley Honey has grown into a renowned international brand.  It is still a family business with family values and a strong commitment to provide honey that is first-rate. 

    Happy Valley Honey have 10,000 hives located in the native forests and fields of New Zealand.  Through technology, their honey can be traced back to the hives and vigorous testing ensures a high-quality product.  Gentle processes are used during production, so their honey can be labelled as a raw product. Happy Valley Honey are in full charge of the extraction, manufacturing and processing of their honey allowing close quality control at every step of the production process.

    Happy Valley use independent laboratory testing and are members of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association to guarantee their Manuka Honey is genuine with all its special and distinctive properties. 


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    UMF and MGO Ratings

    All pure monofloral Manuka Honeys come in varying degrees of strength. Different brands use different grading systems to highlight the strength or bioactivity. UMF and MGO are the most commonly used grading systems and the most trusted.

    UMF & MGO comparison table of Manuka honey grading

    MGO (Methylgloxal) is one of the chemical markers found in Manuka HoneyAs part of the quality process, independent testing measures four key signature markers - MGO, Leptosperin, HMF and DHA
    MGO 83+UMF 5+
    MGO 263+UMF 10+
    MGO 514+UMF 15+
    MGO 696+UMF 18+
    MGO 829+UMF 20+
    MGO 1202+UMF 25+
    MGO 1620+UMF 30+


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    Michael F.
    Delicious and effective honey

    The honey is delicious and appears to be effective

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