Waitemata Honey was founded just after World War 2 and originally named Belin Brothers.  50 years later, an employee Michael Stuckey bought the company  and renamed it Waitemata Honey.  Today, the company is still owned by the same family and Michael Stuckey’s younger brother, Neil is the Managing Director.  The New Zealand Honey industry has benefitted greatly from Michael and Neil’s expertise in this area.

Michael Stuckey, along with some other members of the NZ Beekeepers Association, a scientist and marketing expert recognised the medicinal properties of New Zealand’s Manuka Honey.  They established the development unit to make the world aware of Manuka Honey’s special properties.  UMF (or Unique Manuka Factor) is used by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association of New Zealand to describe the strength and purity of these unique health benefitting compounds.  This rating is your assurance that the Manuka Honey is authentic.

Waitemata Honey manages the entire honey process from breeding queen bees and managing the beehives through to processing and packaging the delicious honey.  The company’s processing methods are highly regarded – they are very experienced in knowing when to gather the best honey and how best to process it.  The Hong Kong Consumer Council recognised Waitemata’s Manuka Honey in 2013 and awarded it 5 stars and the accolade of being the only Manuka Honey to be given this ranking.


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