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Our journey to produce the finest Manuka honey has led us to some of the wildest parts of New Zealand. It’s led us to sustainable management of our land, conservation of precious indigenous forest, native animals and waterways and growing wonder for the role of bees in nurturing our natural landscape.

We have learned that bees mirror our commitment to our community and that the best Manuka honey has a depth of flavour, texture, character and complexity that lingers on the senses. We’ve learned that while Manuka honey is one of the most natural food products you’ll ever find, it’s a complex art and science to deliver the very best Manuka honey to our customers. Producing the world’s finest Manuka honey is a challenge and privilege we’re proud to bring to the world. Thoughtful design and uncompromising quality are hallmarks of who we are. Only the very best makes the Three Peaks Manuka honey grade.

Members of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) which means every batch of Manuka honey is independently laboratory tested and certified as being authentic, true-to-label Manuka honey.

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