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Manuka Harvest a New Zealand company from Golden Bay, producing a delicious, healthy Manuka honey tea that is a 100% hand harvested, hand-picked, graded and packed, and a totally natural! 

Most New Zealanders have heard the story as told in Captain Cook’s diary about how when he arrived in New Zealand in 1769 many of his crew were ill with scurvy after a long voyage. Some versions of the story say they collected the leaves themselves from Manuka trees and boiled them to make a tea which helped the crew to become well again. Other versions say local Maori communicated to Cook and his men, the healing powers of the Manuka plant.

Either way, Maori had long used the Manuka tree to treat illnesses. Often the leaves would be mashed into a poultice and bound over wounds with flax to aid healing, or to help aching joints and muscles. Maori used the leaves to reduce fever and for urinary problems as well. If the leaves are mixed with hot water they can be used to ease cold and flu symptoms. Manuka is well known for its natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal. anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, including internal parasites. The New Zealand Manuka tree has more antioxidant activity than Australian Tea tree.

Manuka Harvest is proud to bring you one of the very best tea's you will ever enjoy!