Founded by brothers Daniel and Hugh Green, together with their father John, Keeper has the ambition to provide the world with the pure and delicious taste of New Zealand. 

Keeper is an eco friendly, authentic and down to earth artisan Manuka Honey brand that controls and maintains their supply chain throughout the entire process, focused on quality products, produced by hand.

Sustainability is crucial to Keeper meaning that all their branding and packaging procedures are done in an eco-friendly manner.

Keeper Manuka Honey is produced by the boys at Honey Bros who have over 1000 Hives located in some of the most beautiful, hidden areas of the North Island in New Zealand. From there the Manuka Honey gets collected independently and passionately and then packaged as natural as possible - as nature intended.

Keeper love the land, their community and their bees and care for them and their future passionately aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible.