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Why is manuka honey better than other types of honey? What are its most important benefits?

by Manuka Honey Team July 04, 2021 3 min read

Why is Manuka Honey better than other types of honey? What are the benefits?

There is no doubt about the multiple benefits of honey but if you are thinking of buying the most beneficial honey of them all, you definitely will not find any better than Manuka Honey. But why Manuka Honey? Why is it the best?

We would like to start with a brief overview of Manuka Honey. What exactly is Manuka Honey? 

Manuka Honey is a type of honey that only New Zealand produces. It is called Manuka Honey because the bees that produce it feed on a specific flower called the Manuka flower.

Why is Manuka Honey better than other types of honey?

All honey contains hydrogen peroxide which gives it antibiotic properties. However, Manuka Honey sets itself apart by not only containing hydrogen peroxide but also other substances such as methylglyoxal, which are present in large quantities in the Manuka flower. This makes Manuka Honey exceptional compared to other honeys, which is why it is regarded as the best type of honey.

What are the benefits of Manuka Honey?

  1. Helps the body to recover from wounds and burns. Recent studies have shown that applying Manuka Honey to burns, wounds and skin ulcers helps fighting off the occurrence of infections at the wound site. The studies also indicate that Manuka Honey enhances skin healing and also shortens the time needed for wounds and burns to heal compared to using traditional dressings. Click here for our selection of wound treatment products. 
  1. Strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties compared to other types of honey. Manuka Honey contains high concentrations of methylglyoxal that make it more effective than other honeys at eliminating bacteria and microbes. Check out our blog here.
  1. Ideal for your skin and & skin care products. Manuka Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat skin infections and eczema.  It also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that contribute to preventing acne and delaying the appearance of skin wrinkles and general signs of aging. Click here to check out our skincare collection.
  1. Helps prevent gum disease. Manuka Honey reduces tartar build-up. This helps prevent gum infections and diseases and contributes to good oral health. Click here for our throat and oral health collection.
  1. Manuka Honey is beneficial for cancer patients. Some studies have shown that Manuka Honey can prevent esophagitis that affects cancer patients as a result of exposure to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  1. Manuka Honey has antibiotic properties. There are some cases in which the body may resist certain types of antibiotics, which may slow the speed of recovery.  Some doctors have indicated that Manuka Honey may be a suitable and effective alternative to antibiotics.  Check this blog for further information.
  1. Manuka Honey treats digestive problems. Manuka Honey helps balance the bacteria in the intestine. This contributes to protecting the colon and promoting general gut health. Click here for our digestion and gut health collection. 

Other benefits of Manuka Honey

  • Manuka Honey can help treating high cholesterol.
  • Fast source of energy for your body.
  • Useful for diabetics, as Manuka Honey can help treating low blood sugar levels. Eating a spoonful of Manuka Honey will lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.
  • Great for your hair because it effectively treats split ends and frizz. There is no harm in adding a little Manuka Honey to your favourite shampoo or you can select hair products that contain Manuka Honey. Check out our Manuka Honey haircare range here



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